Of late I have been so much into reality TV , at least that’s what they are sold as. And they come in all forms from Escape club, Bachelor ,Real housewives.. The list is endless and as I waste very valuable time staring at my screen I can’t help but wonder. Humans are just deceitful in nature. It doesn’t matter whether you are gathering people to hand out cookies and cream the minute you mention elimination or a grand price even little miss goodie two shoes shows her claws.
It may be just for views but it is as so in reality, away from the cameras and all the stunts. We are programmed to think of “self” first. Even the the so called humanitarian programs, non profit what not. In the end we all strive to self propel. It’s admirable that some found a way to help others along the way and maybe push others on the right direction.
Between all the games,the tricks, alliances and back and forth one thing is evident. Choosing your play mates decides how long you stay and how soon your name is forgotten, and in all truth the same applies in life. Know who is on your team and for what reasons, your reasons may not align but the bottom line might : Staying longer in the game, forming unbreakable bond (if there is such a thing) or keeping your enemies closer. The reasons why are just as important as to the expected end result.
Reality TV may be scripted down to the individual coughs, but it’s definitely the Nat Geo of exploring /exploiting today’s society.


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