Ever just wondered, everything that could go wrong did go wrong. We all plan, have somewhat of a layout of how things ought to play out. When the universe goes out of its way to throw you off your game, take you for a punch line and just keep stomping. How do you hold your head high?
Getting lost behind the key board seems like the easiest route. At least to some of my kind. Behind a key board you can say whatever, be whatever , not care much for consequences ,just be. But that’s the worst kind of getting away anyone can do.
Trying to be great and awesome when all you wanna do is crawl in a ball of warm and fuzzy and just let the world pass you by. When all you can manage is your next breathe, just do that…..breath!!
We break, but don’t remain broken. We ache and pain but we heal and mend too.
Do what comforts your soul when all else fails. And for that brief moment step away from behind the key board and experience the beauty of life outside.
It won’t be as easy to talk to strangers, like someone’s Burger or just comment on some random persons slug comment. It won’t be easy to follow someone or re post what they just said.
It will be special, the connections not superficial and the conversations real.
With that said, am putting down my smart phone and hopefully the next person that says “Hi” will be a permanent fixture in my life.
With all the plans out the door, a reality check seems due……


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