The smile that gets me by...

I’ve had writers block for the longest time. Tried scribbling notes on my notebook , see if anything pops up. Tried reading a little more than usual but all I could come up with is a whole lot of nothing. Barely contracting complete sentences and looking for the next distraction…
Then it dawned on me
If the thing/ one that inspires you, makes you happy or just kick starts your mortar is off balance, everything else might be set off too. I’ve smiled less in the past few weeks, well even been less productive .I’m not the type to rely solely on anyone/anything and definitely not the type to act all OK when all I want is a tight hug and warm embrace from the right person. The weight does get to me, but I keep going. The strongest battles are the battles within, though I keep soldering on it is clearly taking its toll on me in one way or another.
Walking outside , one can miss a lot….pass by people with unimaginable heart breaks, unfathomable illnesses ,undeniable anguish dressed in lavish outfits, elegant accessories and brave smiles. We all fight different battles and as long as we do…as long as we don’t crawl up with a bowl of cereal and hot cocoa longer than we should, then the fight shall be won.
Here is my easy guide to face the day ahead:
* Say a little prayer
2 steps that have gotten me going this far.
May my writers block terminate
May my inspiration get ignited
May your journey be worth it
May we all find the thing we most desire before we burn out….
If you take time to read this kindly share what inspires you…


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