Money doesn’t buy happiness, or so we are taught from very tender ages. Aspire to be happy, look for things that hold deep meaning, not material possessions and earthly status. Well, this has gone on for far too long.
Money may not buy happiness, but it buys clothes, puts food on the table and keeps a roof overhead, and these are nothing if not basic things. Question is, can we be happy without these things? Preachers have come and gone all of them preaching “the way of the Lord”, “He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey”, then shortly after delivering their sermon and collecting their cheques they see no problem whatsoever riding past their very flock in their sleek, custom plate German machines.
What makes this even sadder is that the “Men of the Cloth” are not the worst. We have the politicians. For weeks now I have tried to steer off this teachers’ pay crisis, up until they went and pushed it over the line of madness. MPESA pay bill so the mwananchi contributes to the teachers’ salary. Okay, suppose we do contribute, and we somehow raise enough to pay teachers this year. Suppose they go back to class and the education system is back on track, what happens next year, we keep contributing? What happens when doctors down their syringes and stethoscopes, do we set up another pay bill? God forbid the police should down their tools. No paybill would ever save us from that.
The strike is on week 4 and either party is just out to drag the other through the mud. I am left wondering, money doesn’t buy happiness, but lack of money brings about chaos and a whole ruckus that has now brought the whole nation to a standstill. The average Kenyan is paying about 6 different forms of tax at the very least, and all these on one paycheck/business. It is a spit on the face to suggest that we dig deeper into our already dry pockets to give to the continuously ballooning civil service. It is absurd to suggest it and unacceptable.
Money doesn’t buy happiness. It is my opinion that this is a ploy to keep the ignorant, unmotivated average people on bare minimums, while the elite, the smart and the big timers cruise through life in three hundred thousand dollar cars.
It’s quite simple actually. Money can buy a jet. Have you ever seen anyone sad in a jet?

Thoughts become things

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