It gets to a point, at some point, where only you understand the path you are on. You may have taken a few hits along the way, may have lost a few cheers and gained more critics. None of this though, should ever be enough to make you let go of your dreams.
If at first only you had the idea and the end game, and you sold it to a few and later lost them along the way, do not throw in the towel. The hits may be tough,  sometimes almost crippling, but if the voice within still tells you to take that next step, then get up, and as painful as it maybe, take it. You will at least have learnt “How not to go about it”
It is painful when those on your corner decide you are a lost cause, and then your “Ride or Die” puts little or no effort in soldering you on. In the end, all that matters is your belief, your goals, your ambition and maybe that extra cup of coffee that goes great in burning the midnight oil.
Crack your numbers, and if you are not a numbers person, strategize, seek advice from the relevant sources, borrow, pay back, learn, and as you move on up acknowledge what progress you have made however little. Understand that despite all the hits all you need is one win and everything else falls in place.
All you need is that one win!!! Work hard and most importantly work smart!! It all started somewhere no big corporation came into existence from thin air…..PUT IN THE WORK!!!

Thoughts become things


2 thoughts on “IT ONLY TAKES ONE WIN”

  1. This is a great quote! We see so many just being nothing because lack of hard work! Moments when you are most alone on your journey are the toughest, but there is light at the end of the tunnel and its so amazing! Thanks for sharing

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