Science has come a long way in explaining the universe as it is, why things are the way they are and further so in discrediting religion, so when it comes to defending your belief, how knowledgeable are you?
Science takes pride in facts and ability to explain critically and dare I say pragmatically, but science can only go so far. Scientists have come and gone, technology improved from time to time yet there is always an “UNKNOWN” variable. Waiting for the next big break to uncover it yet with every success a new challenge rises.
Simple concept of belief, the one thing that carries religion, provides comfort and solace. Belief in the greater master plan of God, just because the pieces don’t fit now doesn’t mean there is no point to it all. Whatever path one chooses in the end it will all make sense.
Defending religion is not easy, someone once asked me,” If He knew you before you were born, knows you by name, knows the choices you’ll make, then what is the point of it all?”
This caught me off guard, then got me thinking, deeply, while pondering on this is when I appreciated that the picture may not be clear, but whatever choice I make (freewill) am bound to fall within my predetermined destiny. So the only response I could come up with is, I believe in Him who created me. It is not my place to doubt/question or ignore His will, “May His will be done.” It’s easy to punch holes into something you don’t fully understand, it provokes curiosity but when you get to the end of the rope and there is still something left to uncover, appreciate there are greater forces in play.


Acknowledging there is a difference between religion and spirituality, which religion to be affiliated with is subject to self, but that inner calling, your spirituality, your moral center that can only come from a greater connection to something supernatural.


With the continued advancement in Science and technology, God is the same Yesterday, Today and forever. We keep reinventing Him and how we worship, seek, question and discredit Him but His true nature has never changed, so why then from time immemorial hasn’t science answered everything……

Disclaimer: I respect all religious affiliations or lack thereof


Thoughts become things


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