We often look for new things to do , for new ways of approaching problematic areas and often they are staring us in the face. Of late there has been immense down poor and as it goes power shortage, with this I found myself with a lot of free time on my hands. Usually music/Tv occupies my nights, but now in the glare of the dark, insomnia struck and a wondering mind I found myself lost and then lo! and behold…..the bookshelf came back to life. Picked up a 692 page fiction novel and couldn’t put it down, for the life of me I couldn’t imagine why it took more than two years to pick it up. Had it gathering dust while it was the very thing that helped me open up my imagination and reignite my desire to write. Finding similarities with the characters as well as taking from the advice of other characters just made me appreciate the beauty of an open imagination and the flawless nature of a perfect piece of writing.
We are only as limited as we presume to be, now on page 300 in two days I can’t believe I had the time to read it, after all these chapters I can’t believe I managed to concentrate while I often purport to have short concentration span. Finding different things to occupy oneself can be invigorating and a good book is a grand idea to hide away from the reality of life and ease an overactive mind…(If I may say so)
Bringing the characters to life and hoping they make better choices at least just so we see what the other route has. While making it clear the whole “I have no time “a façade to self-console.  It’s probably going to be another night in the dark, the sound of rain, the warmth of a fluffy blanket and comfortable pajamas are just the ideal things to sail me through the end of this book.
The quite was just the right dose of sanity I required, after a long day , some peace and quiet are the silver lining required, sure Scandal and Quantico aren’t going to watch themselves but a good book brings it all to life better…..
We all need that push to reignite us, to help us find that which we love, that which we misplaced. For me it was time in the dark and now I have found the light I so desperately craved. A glimmer of hope that finally I am on the right track again, my mind is clear, my thoughts positive and my conscience at peace. In the words of Maeve Binchy, THE GREATEST SIN ABOVE ALL IS LOSING HOPE……. (THE GLASS LAKE)

Thoughts become things


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