The Facebook France flag filter, in support of the victims of the recent attacks  have caused quite a stir. So many versions of the same story have come up for and against and I just took a step back to listen and learn. In one of the conversations came that quote, and it stuck with me….

We mourn differently, we feel loss differently and with different capabilities the magnitude festers at varying lengths. It’s true that there are very many atrocities ongoing in the world that haven’t managed to get a mention let alone a profile picture filter in support, but that does not mean they do not matter.

As was the case with Janet Kanini (Journalist, Kenya) critics came out swinging and condemning the help her ‘peers’ put across. The platform they have is incredible. Big and spread out enough to shed more light on the cancer issue; but, before anything else, they are “HER FRIENDS FIRST” choosing to help make her already tough journey a little easier.  Once Again, this does not say all other cancer victims take a back seat, through it all a lot of information was shared and the keen ones learned from it.

As individuals when we experience pain only we can explain how deep it cuts. When we choose to share that with the world we cannot control how it will be perceived as all we put out there is how deeply our pain is felt. Choosing to pick it up and make a mockery of it is just being insensitive. There are wars everywhere. That is irrefutable, do all need to be resolved? YES! Do all need the spot light shed upon them? Yes! But in as much as all this is true, it is wrong to downplay a people’s suffering because other people were not put in the limelight when they were suffering.

If there was a filter for every tragedy in the world I believe we would all be changing our profile pictures on two hour increments. If we came up with hashtags and concerts for individual cancer victims we would have no room for anything else. It’s all a matter of how deeply you are concerned, “I AM YOUR FRIEND FIRST” if I care enough I will let it be known.

How about we all choose unity, support those around you best you can, and if you have nothing better to offer SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

Loss is loss no matter how many times you slice it, butter it or ignore it……

Pain felt by a close one is pain felt by the caring ones…






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