We may never recover what is lost. Never un-ring a bell. Often times tears are the only way of cleaning the stains away. Cry,scream, let it all out then wipe your tears, pick up what’s left of you and live to fight another day.

Packing up the shit isn’t easy either. Every now and then when the music comes on, the mind wanders. When we least expect it the phone rings ….a call that should go unanswered but the body is weak. Though we fight to soldier on ,we bend along the way. It is not a one time decision but a decision to choose every time temptation calls, every day till it becomes what we know.

Choose to choose yourself. Accept your past and leave it behind. It should not define your present nor determine your future. Choose to believe there is more to life than cleaning up tainted slates and worn out smiles.

Finally, when the phone rings, when the door bell rings or a shoulder tap happens… Don’t be afraid to answer because by choosing yourself you have all the control.

Before you know it , all will be distant memories to be recalled when a sad scene comes on in a movie. A moment in time not what is….


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