I could write about our dead soldiers
but their pain is gone
I could go on and on about how they will be missed but they won’t hear me
I write for those left behind.

The young mother left with nothing but a cold side of the bed
The family that lost the “pride of the family”
The friends that lost their selfless comrade
What of their pain? When will it end?

I could parade twitter with #istandwithkdf tweets but do we really?
As a nation we feel the pain but it’s nothing compared to the families loss
I write for the pain of growing up fatherless, living with the loss of a child ,living with the memories of a dear friend.

They dedicated their lives to total strangers. Chose to fight and protect our freedom and our land.
For that they lost the ability to watch over their loved ones
For that they forgo watching their infants grow
I weep for our departed and weep even more for those they left behind.

One for all and all for one they say… May their legacies live on and those left behind know we are forever indebted. They say time heals ….well time will tell… My sincere condolences and outmost respect to all affected and afflicted


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