So I am told it’s mating season for cats. This period can get rough for a cat owner and a cat lover. I however can’t help but be proud. I got my cat at just 2weeks old. A tender, cute, adorable little kitten. I tended to it like it was my own child. Sadly, just like all kids, they just don’t know how to sneak around anymore. He has this annoying habit of meowing so loud (broken voice) and he just can’t lick himself right anymore. 

He has me wondering,”Where did the effort go?” He has become some typical teenager in my house. Now I am subjected to ensuring he stays in his spot lest we all get cat flu!

Maybe after this “hump fest” is over, life as we know it will return to normal. I’m accustomed to housing a lazy, fat albeit clean cat. I can deal with the 18 hour naps, but a rawdy male with only one mission this ‘season’ is a bit of a stretch.

But ‘Aaaaaw my baby kitten is all grown’

Question: When do they move out?


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