Give and it shall come back to you 10 fold

Dear all,

We the family of Baby Mwaniki would like to request you to help us raise funds to pay for Mwaniki’s Medical bill… Baby Adriel Mwaniki is 11/2 years.. he was born prematurely and developed Hyrdocephalus a month after his birth. He has been using a VP shunt to help control the impact of hydrocephalus. For one year the shunt has been working well and with the help of occupational therapy thrice per week he was able to achieve some of his milestones. In january 2016 his shunt malfunctioned and he  has been in one hospital after the other having it replaced.. two malfunctioned and now he is on his third… For the last one and a half months he has been admitted in Getrudes Children Hospital and has had four surgeries done. We have been in and out of different hospitals and the medical team attending to him in Getrudes managed to get to the root cause of his problem. His recovery has had its ups n downs. At the moment Baby Mwaniki is on Life support Machine.. He has been on it for the last two weeks… please help us raise funds to help baby mwaniki get the help he needs..the bill is 4 million kenya shillings.

To pay enter paybill No: 891300 then acc no: 6613..
Your Contribution be greatly appreciated.


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