Whatever happened to walking up to a girl and saying ‘Hi’ . A simple gesture towards getting to know each other/ blowing someone off …now before the ‘hi’ which is now deemed ‘lame’ one goes through the torture of unwinding ones life click by click. I find it rather overwhelming, getting all the information dropped like a pile of rock. Within minutes one has gone through all the levels of a relationship, curiosity, ten minutes later ‘I think I like this one’…20 minutes ‘oh wait , this is definitely it’ by the time an hour is up you are broken up and never want to here from that person ever again.

Why the rush? A simple ‘hi’ offline is much more enjoyable if you ask me. Hiding behind a keyboard may seem smart and ‘broaden your horizon’ but in the same click your significant other might be outside enjoying the sunset alone.

Live alittle. Let technology be your tool not make you a tool.


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