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The Courage to be Courageous



Be brave to go against the grain against what Theodore Roosevelt termed as “those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

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The Facebook France flag filter, in support of the victims of the recent attacks  have caused quite a stir. So many versions of the same story have come up for and against and I just took a step back to listen and learn. In one of the conversations came that quote, and it stuck with me….

We mourn differently, we feel loss differently and with different capabilities the magnitude festers at varying lengths. It’s true that there are very many atrocities ongoing in the world that haven’t managed to get a mention let alone a profile picture filter in support, but that does not mean they do not matter.

As was the case with Janet Kanini (Journalist, Kenya) critics came out swinging and condemning the help her ‘peers’ put across. The platform they have is incredible. Big and spread out enough to shed more light on the cancer issue; but, before anything else, they are “HER FRIENDS FIRST” choosing to help make her already tough journey a little easier.  Once Again, this does not say all other cancer victims take a back seat, through it all a lot of information was shared and the keen ones learned from it.

As individuals when we experience pain only we can explain how deep it cuts. When we choose to share that with the world we cannot control how it will be perceived as all we put out there is how deeply our pain is felt. Choosing to pick it up and make a mockery of it is just being insensitive. There are wars everywhere. That is irrefutable, do all need to be resolved? YES! Do all need the spot light shed upon them? Yes! But in as much as all this is true, it is wrong to downplay a people’s suffering because other people were not put in the limelight when they were suffering.

If there was a filter for every tragedy in the world I believe we would all be changing our profile pictures on two hour increments. If we came up with hashtags and concerts for individual cancer victims we would have no room for anything else. It’s all a matter of how deeply you are concerned, “I AM YOUR FRIEND FIRST” if I care enough I will let it be known.

How about we all choose unity, support those around you best you can, and if you have nothing better to offer SILENCE IS GOLDEN.

Loss is loss no matter how many times you slice it, butter it or ignore it……

Pain felt by a close one is pain felt by the caring ones…








Money doesn’t buy happiness, or so we are taught from very tender ages. Aspire to be happy, look for things that hold deep meaning, not material possessions and earthly status. Well, this has gone on for far too long.
Money may not buy happiness, but it buys clothes, puts food on the table and keeps a roof overhead, and these are nothing if not basic things. Question is, can we be happy without these things? Preachers have come and gone all of them preaching “the way of the Lord”, “He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey”, then shortly after delivering their sermon and collecting their cheques they see no problem whatsoever riding past their very flock in their sleek, custom plate German machines.
What makes this even sadder is that the “Men of the Cloth” are not the worst. We have the politicians. For weeks now I have tried to…

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All will be OK in the END, if it’s not OK, it’s not the END

In a world where you are expected to be a certain thing at a certain age and totally fall short in all aspects, all that is available is the belief that death has to be easier.

It might sound like one is giving up; but in essence it’s grasping the reality. What do you have when all hope runs short, what is there to smile about when all your efforts are trampled either by chance or by circumstance?

A glimmer that all is not lost, a glimpse into a bright horizon, if only it didn’t all feel like sailing solo in the pacific, if only there is meaning to all this, if only I can be as proud of myself as my child is of me.

Yet again, it goes without saying that am not just self-pitying, am doing the best I can, to provide, to protect, to mold and to grow myself. Only thing is, it’s all so worthless, why be concerned about the ways of the world, why fall into the statistics of the mediocre….but it’s such things that we are accustomed to, we grow and leave high school but we never really leave the ways of high school. It’s all about whom is the best dressed and who’s having sex. Who’s who and who’s what.

In the meantime, before I self-distract maybe I can find solace in death, maybe just maybe I’ll be a better version of myself in the next life and if light does finally show at the end of the tunnel, may be just maybe this article will never see the light of day and will just be a distance memory of when I contemplated giving up, one thing is for sure, THAT DAY IS NOT TODAY!!

Avril Lavigne – Who knows




I know he will never be mine and never be my shadow but when am with him am free I know for a fact that he is the one meant for me, he is with no doubt my better half only in a world of six billion people he ended up saying “I do” to what felt legit at the time, only I was in the first row watching my future accept to live with not knowing what undying love will feel like.

As he said I do, I smiled and cheered with the rest for truly his wife struck gold, she gets to wake up next to the love of my life and more often than not, not realize that that would be the highlight of some poor sole somewhere, things that come so easy, seem so routine are the very things I would crave every second.

Like that morning kiss, where I will keep saying I do with each passing sunset and waking sunrise, being in his arms and share a laugh, but the love of my life is gone…

He is but a mere pigment of my imagination at this point but thank God at least I know how he looks like, I know his name and more so he knows my name and acknowledged we would be or maybe in a different life we struck gold and Meagan is playing with her siblings as we enjoy a cold whiskey in our backyard.

Maybe just maybe the love of my life will find his way to me…..i can be delusional, hopeful and naïve ….RIGHT!!!!

Taylor swift- speak now