I know he will never be mine and never be my shadow but when am with him am free I know for a fact that he is the one meant for me, he is with no doubt my better half only in a world of six billion people he ended up saying “I do” to what felt legit at the time, only I was in the first row watching my future accept to live with not knowing what undying love will feel like.

As he said I do, I smiled and cheered with the rest for truly his wife struck gold, she gets to wake up next to the love of my life and more often than not, not realize that that would be the highlight of some poor sole somewhere, things that come so easy, seem so routine are the very things I would crave every second.

Like that morning kiss, where I will keep saying I do with each passing sunset and waking sunrise, being in his arms and share a laugh, but the love of my life is gone…

He is but a mere pigment of my imagination at this point but thank God at least I know how he looks like, I know his name and more so he knows my name and acknowledged we would be or maybe in a different life we struck gold and Meagan is playing with her siblings as we enjoy a cold whiskey in our backyard.

Maybe just maybe the love of my life will find his way to me…..i can be delusional, hopeful and naïve ….RIGHT!!!!

Taylor swift- speak now



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I don’t care for petty ideologies that focus on oppressing the rights and beliefs of others; I don’t care for hopeless extremists who inflict their ways on others. We all have the fundamental right to choose what to be affiliated with, not have our bubble infringed upon.

Must take a new kind of coward with primitive thinking to believe that there is only one way of doing things; In this world I wonder how one can dare feel entitled …”if you cut us do we not bleed….” Looks like Shakespeare hit it on the spot.

Religion as I see it is meant to bring hope, hope in a higher being, hope that all this is not useless, hope that at the end of it all there is a supreme being looking out for us. Of course someone call me out on several verses of whichever holy book he goes by and quote thousands upon thousands of “how things should be”.

Believe what you please, but while at it please resist from forcing me to abide by your rules, I refuse to be chained by fear and refuse to have my faith wavered. At the end of the day, I refuse to bow to a mere mortal for my God lives.

Burning and torching innocent souls in the name of religion, oppressing women in the name of religion, impeding on freedom of speech in the name of religion, I call it cowardice. Don’t hide behind your interpretation of a religious book to rain hell on innocent civilians.

I don’t care for your ways, what I do care for is the resilience in the world to forever fight oppression; IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD


Nickleback- if everyone cared




I will pick and probe, hustle and dig up, I will go to the ends of the earth, swim in the deepest oceans with the most dangerous sharks, I will climb the highest mountains and down the deepest valleys, I will do all this and at the end of the day be home to run you a warm bath, serve you warm milk and sweetest cookies with your best toddler tunes in the background.
I will bear the weight of a ten tonne target from a job I despise, I will wear my sweat with pride and wear the scars diligently, and years after, tell you how happy I was going to fend for you, how much joy I derived from seeing you enjoy your tutu dress, guitar lessons, princess parties and the occasional trip with your friends to an overpriced resort.
I will hide the pain, shield you from my misery because as much as times and situations change, with you in my life they always seem to change for the better. You are my happiness and I will shield you from my pain , because only you so easily make me see the beauty of life, the beauty of smelling flowers and chasing lady birds, only you make ABCs so simple and only you remind me that no matter the scars it is all worth it in the end.
I’ll carry you on my back, place you on my lap, sweep you off your feet, and forever carry you in my heart, for you my baby make every sweat, blood and tear worth your simple innocent smile.

Martina McBride- in my daughter’s eyes




Lend me a hand; pull me from the depths of my mind

Lend me a shoulder, for in your presence am at peace


Allow me to be as is, allow me to explore your world

Allow me to be curious for in the end all you are is all I want


We can be grand, we can be epic, and we can be as we crave but only if

You lend me a hand and allow us to be


Render yourself willing and all will be bliss, render your mind open and allow the endless possibilities

By rendering us possible, tell me what’s impossible


Endless, countless ways to love, endless ways to share who we are, unimaginable depths of what can be

Endless, effortless, and endearing possibilities, who doesn’t want that?


Never to be taken for granted, never to be looked over, never to be mistreated

For we will be grand, with endless valley deep, undying, thirst quenching affection


Centuries past in this life and the next, may our reincarnations find each other, for in whatever universe

You are my other atom


Ever in life and in death, we are grand!

Lady antebellum_ if you see him, if you see her





So she is all grown up now, or so am told, time to let my little one find her way. With no regard for my attachment it’s the inevitable time to let the bird out of the nest. It’s awesome to watch her grow, watch her become her own person and map her own path. It’s an unbelievable feeling to be a parent to watch your offspring sprout and grow to tell you what she wants, grow her own taste, her own personality. The hard part is in letting go, am loosening the cord because no way I ever cut it, it doesn’t matter how old she gets, how cooler than me she thinks she is, am holding on tight to my little one.

Go off to school my little one, learn all that you can and at the end of the day despite where we are call me and tell me how your day was. I’ll wait by the phone for your first date call, first heartbreak, first degree, all firsts and always with a smile better yet my love share those moments with me in person. Always in my embrace, I’ll share all my two cents on any matter and always bring the cake. For no matter what my little girl you are stuck with me and I’ll stick by you.

Now go on and learn your ABC’s.


Taylor swift- never grow up




Take a sit, just for one more drink, stick around just this one time for the last time, you found a way to get into my life and mapped the perfect route into my heart, you somehow found your spot where no one has in a really long time, and now I acknowledge that you are the one, but the story of us has run its cause, one question though, is it killing you as much as its killing me?

Next to you, I’d thrive, conquer, win and prosper but no, you found your place way before you said Hi, to you I was nothing more than a mare curiosity, I know this wasn’t to be a fairy tale, this isn’t Hollywood but did you really have to find your place right where you knew I couldn’t let you go without shuttering to pieces? Take a sip of your drink, tell me please…..

Everything good is gone, it’s time to taste the coffee and realize it doesn’t mean am lonely when am alone, but in this case, knowing am not your princess leaves me somewhat lonely but I got to finish this one drink, wipe my naivety and say goodbye. I am a true survivor, after all, all you are is all that could break me but am still standing.

You’re my superman, and now I got to watch you fly away so someone willing to stick around long enough to learn my second name can stand a chance, someone who will not come as close to you in whatever sense, but I got to watch you fly away, as with every day that passes with no word from you leaves me a few seconds closer to my grave, you pull my strings and now it’s time to cut the cord. Fly away superman

I loved you from the word go, every aspect of who you are is amazing and definitely my final piece but sadly I got to say goodbye after this drink as you have played me long enough. My universe will never be the same without you, am glad you came.

Don’t forget me; every now and then make a silent prayer that I do find someone like you. I wish you all the best, here’s to you, here’s to us.

My drink is up, GOODBYE

Goodbye my lover  -James blunt





You didn’t have to pull my strings, didn’t have to stop so low to have me, or get my attention, or play me against myself.

You didn’t have to use my words against me just to please your temporary feelings.  I mean what I say and say what I mean, and in a sick twisted way expect the rest of the world to be as genuine in their intentions and realize the end doesn’t always justify the means.

It’s to no justifiable end to awaken a woman’s feelings if you have no intention of loving her back, it’s no use to have love and have it stamped on and thrown back to your face after selfish desires have been fulfilled.

The cry of a girl/woman does not fall on deaf years, don’t wonder why you are unsettled and unhappy, there is a higher power in play, and he makes sure justice is served in this world and in the next

You didn’t have to be there just to watch me fall to my knees.

Natalie Breuer

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