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It is campaign period again, and with the onset of devolution more and more posts have been created giving room to more and more people to vie. Thus I took it upon myself to at least get to know one of the participants. It never hurts to make an informed decision (right?).

Seated across from me is a smartly dressed, talkative man and I could tell am in for quite a cup of tea.

Who is Samuel Ngugi Gachuhi?

Samuel was born in Kihara,Gachie. He is the  last born son to the late Stanley Gachuhi Kamau and the late  Racheal Muringa Wainaina. He attended Seventh Day Adventist church in  Karura where he learnt values he believes and upholds to date.It has been a while since I crossed paths with a person that speaks with so much conviction and very careful not to contradict himself or be misquoted. He schooled at Gachie Primary School (KCPE) and secondary education at  Senior Chief Koinange High school.

He had to battle various challenges growing up including lack of school fees thus firmly advocates for education for all, and the importance of raising an educated society. “Education is a fundamental human right and no child should be denied this opportunity due to funding” he says .
With determination and will to achieve no challenge is impossible to overcome, he later joined  Ihwa secondary school in Tetu Nyeri and successfully completed his secondary education.
When faced with an obstacle you can choose to let it pin you down or fight hard to change the situation. After secondary school joining college was not an option again due to limited funding, thus Ngugi took up early employment as a Florist in Westlands for a couple of years.He had an unquestionable  love for education was able to raise money and join University of Nairobi for a diploma in business management graduating with a distinction.
“You are only as resourceful as you deem yourself to be” he says, clearly this . Do not get too comfortable if you want something go for it, in  his search for greener pastures Ngugi sort  Southern Sudan  where he worked in different industries for over 5 years and as love would have it met his angelic wife (married in 2008). Together they are  blessed with three adorable children. (I saw the photos, they are really adorable )
East or west home is best, after coming back to Kenya he  became a business man in Machakos and Makueni county and later Nakuru county. He is a diverse man, even with flourishing business if he sees an opportunity to grow himself he pounces on it,in the year 2010 he was employed by Multichoice Kenya Limited and  joined Mt Kenya University for a bachelor of Business management (currently awaiting graduation).
His story is not one from fame to fortune but rather one of determination and the courage to take on the world, a day at a time. One thing that is evident about this man is; he is self driven , self aware and the kind of mentor we should expose to our children.
Currently  vying for the post of MCA KIHARA WARD and I have no doubt he is the change we talk about. Someone that has the vision to see Kihara flourish and so much so in education and employment for the youth.
He is not promising to move mountains over night but rather to work with and for the people to better Kihara.


Different shades same soul

Don’t hide behind ‘societal expectations’, behind career, family and other responsibilities. Don’t be confined. Free yourself, find yourself and explore the different things that make you you. In a universe so wide , a galaxy we can’t comprehend its bounds, a planet overly populated….find that which makes you relevant. That which makes you unique. Don’t hide behind the known. Dare to venture and explore the unknown. Who knows you just might bump into yourself…..



I let my hair down, kicked off my heels for the feel of sand between my toes

For a second, put the weight of the world down, after all tomorrow is not promised to us.

We all deserve a little break.






I recently found myself going through photos on my computer, and to my shock and delight, discovered I have 70 GB worth of baby pictures and clips. What caught my eye though, is in most of the pictures my Kourtney is hardly ever alone.
My baby is always smiling and there always are cheerful faces next to her. There is always a warm hug and a clear show of affection for her. I am pleased that Kourtney is surrounded by family and friends that love and appreciate her.  I can’t help but be thankful. We meet people along the way and we do not give credit to the impact they have in our lives.
The guy at the coffee shop you share a smile with, perhaps he provides that positivity that you so desperately need to start off your day, or it could be the mother with her kids on the evening bus home, there is never a dull moment around kids, just the distraction gets you over a long day.
Scrolling through these photos I can’t help but smile, some people I saw, only I didn’t know that would be the last time I ever saw them. I am glad they graced mine and my daughter’s life. That one picture will be proof that on that day that person cared enough to spend their time with us.
We lose people along the way its normal, its expected but it doesn’t make the loss any less painful, and it doesn’t make missing them any less real.
Looking at all the evident memories over the years, the change is evident. I have transitioned from receiving hugs and kisses to giving them. I have gone from being cheered up to cheering those around me. I wasn’t aware of how much I have amassed over time, it’s a good reminder that though at times I feel as though I fall short, every second I get to be with her is cherished and well documented.
To all we meet on our journey through life, to those that become permanent fixtures and to those whom we lose along the way and to those we reconnect with, the pleasure of crossing paths is greatly welcomed.
Memories are made of these!!!
70 GB and counting, life is for the living



Thoughts become things



It gets to a point, at some point, where only you understand the path you are on. You may have taken a few hits along the way, may have lost a few cheers and gained more critics. None of this though, should ever be enough to make you let go of your dreams.
If at first only you had the idea and the end game, and you sold it to a few and later lost them along the way, do not throw in the towel. The hits may be tough,  sometimes almost crippling, but if the voice within still tells you to take that next step, then get up, and as painful as it maybe, take it. You will at least have learnt “How not to go about it”
It is painful when those on your corner decide you are a lost cause, and then your “Ride or Die” puts little or no effort in soldering you on. In the end, all that matters is your belief, your goals, your ambition and maybe that extra cup of coffee that goes great in burning the midnight oil.
Crack your numbers, and if you are not a numbers person, strategize, seek advice from the relevant sources, borrow, pay back, learn, and as you move on up acknowledge what progress you have made however little. Understand that despite all the hits all you need is one win and everything else falls in place.
All you need is that one win!!! Work hard and most importantly work smart!! It all started somewhere no big corporation came into existence from thin air…..PUT IN THE WORK!!!

Thoughts become things



Money doesn’t buy happiness, or so we are taught from very tender ages. Aspire to be happy, look for things that hold deep meaning, not material possessions and earthly status. Well, this has gone on for far too long.
Money may not buy happiness, but it buys clothes, puts food on the table and keeps a roof overhead, and these are nothing if not basic things. Question is, can we be happy without these things? Preachers have come and gone all of them preaching “the way of the Lord”, “He rode into Jerusalem on a donkey”, then shortly after delivering their sermon and collecting their cheques they see no problem whatsoever riding past their very flock in their sleek, custom plate German machines.
What makes this even sadder is that the “Men of the Cloth” are not the worst. We have the politicians. For weeks now I have tried to steer off this teachers’ pay crisis, up until they went and pushed it over the line of madness. MPESA pay bill so the mwananchi contributes to the teachers’ salary. Okay, suppose we do contribute, and we somehow raise enough to pay teachers this year. Suppose they go back to class and the education system is back on track, what happens next year, we keep contributing? What happens when doctors down their syringes and stethoscopes, do we set up another pay bill? God forbid the police should down their tools. No paybill would ever save us from that.
The strike is on week 4 and either party is just out to drag the other through the mud. I am left wondering, money doesn’t buy happiness, but lack of money brings about chaos and a whole ruckus that has now brought the whole nation to a standstill. The average Kenyan is paying about 6 different forms of tax at the very least, and all these on one paycheck/business. It is a spit on the face to suggest that we dig deeper into our already dry pockets to give to the continuously ballooning civil service. It is absurd to suggest it and unacceptable.
Money doesn’t buy happiness. It is my opinion that this is a ploy to keep the ignorant, unmotivated average people on bare minimums, while the elite, the smart and the big timers cruise through life in three hundred thousand dollar cars.
It’s quite simple actually. Money can buy a jet. Have you ever seen anyone sad in a jet?

Thoughts become things



So recently I had the pleasure,-maybe not so much-, of taking part in the preparation of a dowry/bride price visit. I am yet to recover from the shock!!!!!!! At what point did a young couple’s intention to get married become a get rich scheme for the bride’s clan and a crippling endeavor for the other family (read groom).  How do the so called elders sit around in a circle and come up with this things!!!! Perhaps my experience was one sided, maybe there is a rational and reasonable criteria that they apply to come up with their list of demands. All I ask is if by any chance, however slim, such a criteria exists, let someone share it with me!!!!
I acknowledge that you value your daughter. I also acknowledge that you may have an urge to value your daughter equivalently to a small island in the Caribbean, but get this; the fine young man that your daughter brought home to all-so-proudly introduce comes from a family, much like yours that probably places way more value on him than you can muster for your daughter.
What makes this even more saddening is that none of these outrageous sums of money (always put across as heads of cattle or goats) goes to the couple. This leaves the new couple waist deep in dowry debt and with a wedding to plan that will bury what’s left of them in about 3-5years of debt if they are lucky.
I am okay with dowry, but not as a payment, or as a debt to settle. Call me crazy but I think it should only be a token of appreciation for allowing your daughter to join her husband’s family and hey, He Who Finds a Wife Finds A Good Thing, if I could quote the good book. I just didn’t know the going rate for a daughter changes more dynamically than the shilling fluctuates to the dollar. Human trafficking might be illegal, but sit through one of these dowry shindigs and you will realize they got sleek with it.
Gone are the days we gave birth to kids to get cheap manual labor or be regarded as wealthy. The same way you struggled to educate your girl is  the same way someone else did for their son. The young man wouldn’t even be eligible in your daughter’s eyes were it not for someone’s struggle. So, when this someone accord’s you the respect of visiting your home, to ask you to allow his son to marry your daughter, the least you can do is respect their struggle and be freaking realistic.
The greatest gift you can receive from and for your children is gratitude and appreciation, and these are things that are shown in many ways and often come with sincerity and a kind heart. You will not get the same if you demand and solicit for undeserved goodies only because your daughter fell in love. So kindly resist all urges of plunging your child’s matrimonial life in the drain even before it starts.
Last but not least,
Dear almost married lady, you have all the power to speak your peace and get your folks in order because if you can’t and they decide to make it their retirement fund, it can only end in two ways;
He decides you are not worth the drama and the cost and walks
Or he bares the weight and you start marriage with a list of debts longer than the voters register…..