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The dictionary defines “Ours” as A form of the possessive case of WE.
With this in mind it is not unusual to assume that “our money” simply means joint custody or joint ownership. Everything that pertains to “Our money” should clearly fall under full disclosure ( I figure as much). Like a child ,said money needs nurturing, tendering and when let out to play the owners must be careful what kind of friends it makes lest it gets submerged in bad company or worse lost for good. It takes all parties to ensure that the do’s and don’ts as pertains to the money are adhered to. As enticing as it is to show off the money in terms of designer clothes, posh cars,  cool gadgets,happening hang out places, someone has to remember to leave some for the family home,children’s education and general necessities that sustain human life. Duh!

It is often misconstrued that “Our money “is a string to pull every time one party needs the other to tow the line,  amour every time there is a conflict , argument or discourse. The one bullet in the barrel that one is sure will cripple and maim. Now, all the goodies about “Our money” have been turned to a bull’s eye. One where the aim is predetermined and the cause and effect earth shuttering. 

One second plans of grandeur are not so absurd the next second visuals of withering and dying from hunger and homelessness are eminent. It sounds almost ridiculous but most couples reality. The bread winner goes out and wins the hell out of the breads, in efforts to “ grow my family”, only within the confines of their  walls it becomes gateway to “My way or the high way”. 

It  is said that even the loyal, hardworking donkey tires at some time. The bullet in the barrel could as easily become another case of “shooting yourself in the foot”. Money comes and money goes, once one realizes no one individual owns all the money in the world, disarming the armed becomes a possibility.

“Our money” remains ours even when we are using separate pillows, it does not become a hangman noose .  It’s ours or it was never ours to begin with.




For a moment there she was his and he was hers. Unquestionable truth, it was known. They were the best version they could be, effortlessly happy, tried and tested and with each passing adventure the isle drew closer.

They picked their colors and dreamt of their day before man and God professing their truth. They chose the napkins and decided on the shades and shapes …..blissful.

Then the devil came in. Happiness became like chasing the wind. The dream a distant glare. She tried to hold on, as much as the strength within allowed her, he fought for the days past and the hope of an effortless tomorrow. All to no avail.

They had become so comfortable in their universe and gave no regard to the evil lingering, plotting, strategizing and eventually striking. They loved so hard that went it cracked, it instantly broke. They dreamt and forgot to shield their love.

She was his now she is hers.


Everything's broken

Going about life thinking “What will be,will be” and balancing that with, “If it has to happen you,have to make it happen”,kinda puts strain on the whole “how things are done” dynamics.  On one hand you see how perfect one route is,but all the nitty gritty details of how to get to the perfect photo frame just seems too intense an undertaking, on the other hand, the photo frame keeps staring back at you, like it’s long over due….it should be a wrap at this point, picking floral arrangements and center pieces… But hey, if it’s meant to be it will be… Right?
Wrong!! Time and again situations emerge that require one to have that final push, the right amount of nudge to push you over the edge,a sneak peak into the road less traveled, so to speak, sadly the picture perfect may shutter leaving a rather distasteful feel in your rather perfect image.  What happens then? Is it better to know and hate/get disappointed, or better to not Poke the bear and keep your image perfect, somewhat of a reference point …when the pedestal topples, what then?
It doesn’t even count as a heartbreak, Or so I think, it’s something you chose to not delve into but as sarcasm would have it, picture perfect doesn’t make for a good punchline, plot twist gotta make a move….
Sad fact: No story worth telling is all roses and butterflies, and not every frame deserves a photo….
Oh well, such is life!!!