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“Even at your highest seek Him” 
Almost done with this calendar, going in I had resolutions and strategies. Honestly most didn’t make it to the second week.I got an early lesson in keeping the faith, living a day at a time and focusing on happiness- seems too simplistic now, but then it was a daunting task. 

Accepting your position does not necessarily mean dwelling on it or claiming it. It simply means you are not blind to your predicaments (if any) or happiness (if so, keep it up) . In my case it was the previous. Taking charge of my situation worked for me, looking back it is almost like a fantasy novel. 

The damsel in distress, went and saved herself. The unhappy, burdened mother learnt to accept help where necessary and enjoy motherhood. The girlfriend that felt unappreciated took a closer look into the mirror and identified the log. The struggling student, well still struggles because postgraduate ain’t no joke! But now with a working support system…😃😃

This year has by far been one for the record books for me. I’m now aware of who I am, who I want to be and above all who I believe in. Truly He is Lord of Lords. As we Celebrate Christmas let Christ be born in your heart.  Remember it’s about the birth of Christ not Santa sliding down the chimney…..



bent but not broken
bent but not broken

Often I escape from my mind, looking for something/someplace to run away to. If I could, I’d just pack a back-pack and let the road be my guide, if not for a long while at least for a while, to just be on the open road with a good book and music. Meet people along the way, interact with different cultures,different world views, see what else is out there, what else is beyond my confines.

If I had the opportunity, the greatest thing in the world would be to see beyond the horizon. A clean slate would be an awesome experience too, to reinvent myself away from the scenes and sights of the past but do we ever run away from who we are/were….do we ever get to just drop everything and re-brand.

It’s not all bad, not all in vain, though the dream to leave is alive and well there are things and people I cannot live behind. Forever carry them in my heart and close to my spirit:

The friends that have remained loyal amidst all the hardships

Family that has always been there even when they didn’t agree with me

Acquaintances that have given me a helping hand and mostly

My daughter for giving me the will to soldier on and a strong unbreakable heart that hasn’t faltered so far…

I’d love to get away, far away to a place I don’t know, maybe that place is in changing how I think and how I perceive the world around me ,or maybe it’s in getting the courage to leave my safe place, pick a destination, get a ticket and just venture out, worst case I come back to mama’s embrace certain that home truly is where the heart thrives.
Time will tell


Love unconditional

I have read the books,seen the movies and fantasized the heart warming play by play of a fairy tale. Only, the laid down scenes don’t really happen in real life. Or if they do I ought to shift continents let alone countries to get to where it actually happens. All that goes into the making of a fairy tale is what should be told,not just the over priced ceremonies and no talk of what happens in the “happily ever after”.
Someone should do a sequel to all the fairy tales, what goes into making a union “happily ever after ” just whisking her off into the horizon doesn’t help me and my kind much. I’m quite interested in the play by play of this perpetual happiness.
Am sure a kiss from my true love will serve for a while but once the effects of the tumbling economy sets in and the need to look cool and chic then add pressure to be happy ever after,no way a kiss holds everything together.
Keeping each other is a daily commitment, don’t look at those on the streets holding hands, while behind closed doors hand holding turns to fist fights. Don’t admire those sharing a spoon at the restaurant for being too in love. Perhaps he is just on too short a leash and secretly dreams of jumming the fork down her throat. Appearances decieve, clothes and a smile hide wonders untold but sometimes…. Every now and then you meet the one couple that redeems the faith in most.
The one couple that stuck by each other, groomed and built something noticeable, something worthwhile and like everything else under the sun, no good deed goes unpunished. They took the hits and the low blows, went through it as coal and emerged as diamonds only to face prying eyes and itchy fingers of the lazy,who don’t want to put in the work but look forward to the perks.
So again, what entails happily ever after?
Enjoying the fruits of your labour together or sharing with whatever other title itchy fingers hold. Acting like it’s acceptable because it’s now common.
No, keep your hands of my art. If they took the time to customize each other to fit each other, there is absolutely no room for a downgrade. Find your own, build your own or embrace the solitude and happiness of keeping a bunch of cats.
To those diligently waiting on their “Once upon a time…. ” keep in mind the forest has wolves and the lady giving you directions might just be your downfall. It’s a journey, one that is worth it with the right partner. At the finish line, be sure to be armed appropriately to guard your “happily ever after “.