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It is campaign period again, and with the onset of devolution more and more posts have been created giving room to more and more people to vie. Thus I took it upon myself to at least get to know one of the participants. It never hurts to make an informed decision (right?).

Seated across from me is a smartly dressed, talkative man and I could tell am in for quite a cup of tea.

Who is Samuel Ngugi Gachuhi?

Samuel was born in Kihara,Gachie. He is the  last born son to the late Stanley Gachuhi Kamau and the late  Racheal Muringa Wainaina. He attended Seventh Day Adventist church in  Karura where he learnt values he believes and upholds to date.It has been a while since I crossed paths with a person that speaks with so much conviction and very careful not to contradict himself or be misquoted. He schooled at Gachie Primary School (KCPE) and secondary education at  Senior Chief Koinange High school.

He had to battle various challenges growing up including lack of school fees thus firmly advocates for education for all, and the importance of raising an educated society. “Education is a fundamental human right and no child should be denied this opportunity due to funding” he says .
With determination and will to achieve no challenge is impossible to overcome, he later joined  Ihwa secondary school in Tetu Nyeri and successfully completed his secondary education.
When faced with an obstacle you can choose to let it pin you down or fight hard to change the situation. After secondary school joining college was not an option again due to limited funding, thus Ngugi took up early employment as a Florist in Westlands for a couple of years.He had an unquestionable  love for education was able to raise money and join University of Nairobi for a diploma in business management graduating with a distinction.
“You are only as resourceful as you deem yourself to be” he says, clearly this . Do not get too comfortable if you want something go for it, in  his search for greener pastures Ngugi sort  Southern Sudan  where he worked in different industries for over 5 years and as love would have it met his angelic wife (married in 2008). Together they are  blessed with three adorable children. (I saw the photos, they are really adorable )
East or west home is best, after coming back to Kenya he  became a business man in Machakos and Makueni county and later Nakuru county. He is a diverse man, even with flourishing business if he sees an opportunity to grow himself he pounces on it,in the year 2010 he was employed by Multichoice Kenya Limited and  joined Mt Kenya University for a bachelor of Business management (currently awaiting graduation).
His story is not one from fame to fortune but rather one of determination and the courage to take on the world, a day at a time. One thing that is evident about this man is; he is self driven , self aware and the kind of mentor we should expose to our children.
Currently  vying for the post of MCA KIHARA WARD and I have no doubt he is the change we talk about. Someone that has the vision to see Kihara flourish and so much so in education and employment for the youth.
He is not promising to move mountains over night but rather to work with and for the people to better Kihara.



No one is evil. No one looks in the mirror and sees the bad. That’s what I presume. In my efforts to put my ducks in a row with regards to my plans for 2016, I have more than once found myself staring at the mirror, wondering if I know the image staring back.
This over zealous lady is almost unknown to me. I am not ungrateful. I appreciate the mileage I have gained over the years, but what I see here is just different from the person on my vision board.

Its funny how one day you are picturing your picket fence and manicured lawns, and before you know it, you are staring at it years later; but with a hot up of coffee and unimaginable eye bags. A tired sarcastic person mocking their previous selves.
You didn’t really think that’s all it took to be happy now did you?

Now experience is indeed the best teacher. As I rub down after a long hot shower the image in the mirror is slowly looking familiar. She now knows better. In our attempts to please, we end up miserable. In our efforts of gaining back happiness others get miserable. It is a balancing act that we often find ourselves playing out.

If by chance your happiness and that of the people you love are aligned, then make merry and count yourself blessed that someone is part of your story. If the image looking back smiles effortlessly and is at peace keep pleasing him/her.

My ducks are showing great improvement and tremendous positive change so far. I now understand the power of self appreciation and self recognition. No one is evil no one is unfixable and definitely no one is without the ability to live out the best version of themselves.

Step one SMILE



A day at a time


I want a marriage more beautiful than the wedding
I want a marriage more beautiful than the wedding

Looking forward to the day you are the princess and your prince waiting on your beck and call is all so magical, but before you pick out your something new, something blue and something borrowed, kindly be sure you are content with waking up to that face every morning “till death” or well in today’s world divorce.

We will avail ourselves for the pomp n glam of the day. We will put on our dancing shoes and in the words of the great R.Kelly “come out and step, the whole night through”, we will critic every aspect of your picture perfect day down to toothpicks. Then afterwards, tired from all the dancing, jealous stares and genuine love for the new couple in town get into our owned, borrowed and hired cars and drift into infinity.

Make sure, two days down the line you are okay sharing a bathroom and being in each other’s bubble.  After the cheers, balloons and additional calories from all the extra delicious cake make sure that he/she is still the one.

Not just the one that looked irresistible that one time, but the one your heart yearns for, the one you choose above all others and the one your mom knows takes first position. This person is now your nuclear family both from without and from within.

The wedding is just an occasion the marriage is your life. They say marriage is the smallest form of prison, make sure you get along with your cell mate.

And with that said,  a toast to true love and happily ever after.


Hungry for success
Hungry for success

Opportunities will not always present themselves, some need to be sought after and some need an extra keen eye to see. Most will require guts to pursue and definitely time and patience. Once you get that perfect/almost perfect opportunity, you need to strike while the iron is hot. While the desire and end game is still so vivid in your mind there is no doubt the drive is real and the outcome is worth the risk.

Some will require a bit of consulting, although it may look good, it may not be the perfect fit for you. Match opportunities with your strengths and wage them against your weaknesses.  We all strive to overcome our weak points, as that is the gospel truth. Being aware of how far you can go at a particular time highly determines the outcome. Baby steps may be small but they still count. We have to learn to crawl before we can walk and walk before we can run.

Have a constant need to achieve, and don’t let that ever diminish. Opportunities may be missed along the way, but the desire and hunger will keep propelling you towards the future.  Picture your goals and let them guide you. It indeed can be done.

Toast to missed opportunities, toast to those forgone, toast to being more aware and toast to the next best deal! The next one might be the well-deserved break and the absolute “I made it!” sigh of gratitude.


Strive to be great


It’s not meant to be easy, not meant to be handed over on a silver platter, it’s not meant to be overnight nor is it meant to be like a flowing stream. Everything worth having, worth possessing, everything wished for and greatly admired does not come on a golden carriage.

Put in the work, bear the pain and live through the struggle. That spouse you greatly envision, business idea at the back of your head, owning your dream home, traveling the world, or just learning how to cook, its all within your grasp, if only the vision doesn’t go faint and you keep your eye  on the ball whatever the price. Stay clear of distractions and never settle for less. It might seem like giving up too much , but words to live by , will always keep you focused, all that’s worth having is worth working for.

Follow your passion and you won’t have to work a day in your life, might not be easy to implement but if you don’t, then you will be confined to living someone else’s dream. Find your happiness, agree to live and not just exist, flourish and share your success. A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step so find your most comfortable pair of shoes and brace for the journey ahead. I promise you, it will be an uphill task but the view at the top will be worth the sweat, blood and tears, always remember, all that’s worth having is worth working for.

Find your inner peace, as you struggle, get beat down, hold to your core, find your bliss and your energizer, might be religion, faith, mom, desire to be great or just ambition, whatever your fuel, hold on tight and it will see you through, at the end of it all, peace of mind comes at a high cost, find yours because, it’s worth working for.

Learn all that you can, accept change and embrace diversity, with an open mind, there is little or no limitation in what the mind can achieve, explore the world around you and in sharing, you will be better, if you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to far go together.

I don’t have it figured out but the little I know I share…….it is all worth it in the end.

R.Kelly- Worlds Greatest

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The female form is something from the heavens, a master piece that cannot be matched, flawless in its stature and ever so gracious and beautiful, sprouting from a girl to a lady, a woman of untold beauty, as smooth and delicate as a flower yet so strong and if well tendered to even a thousand pictures would fall short…..the face that launched a thousand ships.

Curves for days, ample breasts and legs for days, size and weight don’t amount to much as one from the other each are unique, a smile that can wipe away a bad century and a laugh that sounds like music from the angels, a woman, untold delight and  a rightful sight.

The ability to make everything better, from a bad day, to a baby’s cry, she does it with so much ease, hardly complain as she knows her role, to nurture , shield , yield and encourage.

In a single day, she may face untold challenges and as easily come home with a smile, her first words, “how was your day?”, oblivious of her sores, her aching back or her hard day, she will work her curves and ensure all is well just after putting the kids to bed.

Mostly overlooked sometimes forgotten but her role is something this world cannot survive without, so a humble well warranted  toast to every woman under the sun that keeps the world going round.

Toast to their sacrifices, toast to keeping their head high and a deserved toast and a pat on their back, well, because they are simply remarkable.


Shaggy- Strength of a woman