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It is campaign period again, and with the onset of devolution more and more posts have been created giving room to more and more people to vie. Thus I took it upon myself to at least get to know one of the participants. It never hurts to make an informed decision (right?).

Seated across from me is a smartly dressed, talkative man and I could tell am in for quite a cup of tea.

Who is Samuel Ngugi Gachuhi?

Samuel was born in Kihara,Gachie. He is the  last born son to the late Stanley Gachuhi Kamau and the late  Racheal Muringa Wainaina. He attended Seventh Day Adventist church in  Karura where he learnt values he believes and upholds to date.It has been a while since I crossed paths with a person that speaks with so much conviction and very careful not to contradict himself or be misquoted. He schooled at Gachie Primary School (KCPE) and secondary education at  Senior Chief Koinange High school.

He had to battle various challenges growing up including lack of school fees thus firmly advocates for education for all, and the importance of raising an educated society. “Education is a fundamental human right and no child should be denied this opportunity due to funding” he says .
With determination and will to achieve no challenge is impossible to overcome, he later joined  Ihwa secondary school in Tetu Nyeri and successfully completed his secondary education.
When faced with an obstacle you can choose to let it pin you down or fight hard to change the situation. After secondary school joining college was not an option again due to limited funding, thus Ngugi took up early employment as a Florist in Westlands for a couple of years.He had an unquestionable  love for education was able to raise money and join University of Nairobi for a diploma in business management graduating with a distinction.
“You are only as resourceful as you deem yourself to be” he says, clearly this . Do not get too comfortable if you want something go for it, in  his search for greener pastures Ngugi sort  Southern Sudan  where he worked in different industries for over 5 years and as love would have it met his angelic wife (married in 2008). Together they are  blessed with three adorable children. (I saw the photos, they are really adorable )
East or west home is best, after coming back to Kenya he  became a business man in Machakos and Makueni county and later Nakuru county. He is a diverse man, even with flourishing business if he sees an opportunity to grow himself he pounces on it,in the year 2010 he was employed by Multichoice Kenya Limited and  joined Mt Kenya University for a bachelor of Business management (currently awaiting graduation).
His story is not one from fame to fortune but rather one of determination and the courage to take on the world, a day at a time. One thing that is evident about this man is; he is self driven , self aware and the kind of mentor we should expose to our children.
Currently  vying for the post of MCA KIHARA WARD and I have no doubt he is the change we talk about. Someone that has the vision to see Kihara flourish and so much so in education and employment for the youth.
He is not promising to move mountains over night but rather to work with and for the people to better Kihara.



I let my hair down, kicked off my heels for the feel of sand between my toes

For a second, put the weight of the world down, after all tomorrow is not promised to us.

We all deserve a little break.





Love like you have never loved before!!!

The feeling of absolute contentment and sheer disbelief that Finally you have found the one.  The long glares and constant justification to self that it all came to pass, it is all real and all within your grasp.  No longer serving ice-cream with one spoon, always considering the other persons preference, the endless agony of distance and time apart but all with the silver lining of “soon “.
The feeling is comparable to none. The joy best felt no words do it justice, Winnie the pooh love, that unsolicited love, pure and reciprocated, the kind of love every one deserves and everyone needs, at least once in their lifetime.
If someone professes such love, then why judge and cast stones, their preference of whom to love, who to share this life with shouldn’t even come up.  It’s written in so many books that only one form of intimacy is accepted but who appointed us judge,jury and executioner? 
Choosing to cast stones on the very basis of life and happiness LOVE…
Above everything else the greatest above all is kindness, kindness to everyone and respect to that which we do not accept nor understand, make your stand known and the rest are non-issues!!
Love, love with all your heart, and when you find the one your heart beats for,then by all means stand your ground.


have fun at your own discretion...
have fun at your own

Seated at my favorite table at my favorite pub enjoying my well- deserved cold drink. Well, it’s just another Friday and am chilling after a long week of grinding and  a spa treat would be nice but hey, I love the view from where am seated and the comedian in my head is on a roll……

Well here goes,


You took the time to dress up and ensure you have a plus one to go along with you for that night out with Steve….. or Scott….. or whoever, otherwise referred to as the “ATM” for the night. Well, am all for handling my bill you know , GIRL POWER, and quite  aware free drinks are very  inviting, but why in God’s blue skies  would you subject yourself to constant torture of “how many should I have?”.

Mr. nice philanthropic guy decides to take a walk, well maybe to account for  the unaccounted for plus one, leaving a more than desperate damsel in distress, kabambe on the hand , and the constant , “where did he go?”, “call him?” ,”wanna share my drink?”,

Here I am, no need for no soap operas, my favorite spot got me covered and my drinks keep flowing, coz well, I take pride in ensuring I can control the outcome. We don’t always anticipate all outcomes, but don’t go in blind, bring along a girl, or two for all I care, but make sure you can pick up the tab or better yet “BAE” is on board.

For now am glad this chap did come back….the smile on her face upon his sighting is nothing short of epic…. Talk about that moment the Almighty saviour makes a comeback!!!!!


love overcomes all
love overcomes all

She is my best friend, my confidant and my person, fate and circumstances brought us together, in a foreign land; she sought out to make me feel at peace, showed me around and took time to make me smile, ten years down the line she is still the same person and I am still me.

She respects and acknowledges my Christian background and I respect that she is Islamic, She enlightens me on the ways of the Quran and I in turn share my Christian faith, we do not have to agree 100% of the time but still respect and dignity is fundamental to both.

We are beyond our beliefs, beyond our religious and family influences, we all serve a divine deity, that’s for sure!, talk of malice and acts of violence are but self interpretations to justify heinous acts, as with all religious books if you seek that which will serve your purpose, you are bound to find it.

She remains my best friend, the one person that sought to show me I can have a home away from home, and human life cuts deeper than selfish innuendos.

Four Bottles to complete the fun times

Drink responsibly; do not spill
Drink responsibly; do not spill

When am out with my boys (yes, girls have boys too) in a t-shirt, loose fitting jeans and awesome sneakers. When I don’t need to worry about how my makeup is or who is checking me out. When I can curse like a sailor and I can get loud and free. It is for the morning of the road trip, when I put my six-pack in the cooler and bury it with dry ice. Ain’t nothing like a cold beer for my time with the boys, and yes, I drink straight out the bottle!!!

Then there is how I wind up most of my evenings. I open the bottle and let it breathe, hitting my face with the Sweet Floral and Fruity scents. Chilled and ready to serve. Gosh!!!! I love my Chardonnay. Right after dinner, loose night gown and comfy socks, a glass of good white wine with white chocolate gives me goose bumps with every sip. Chilling with Olivia Pope and wishing how that scene with  Fitz should have lasted a second longer. A little wine is good for digestion, A lot of wine is best for pure bliss!!!

See me on a Saturday evening. Dressed to kill and ready to turn heads. Wearing designer scents.  Doing the perfect balance on 5-inch heels, displaying legs and curves for days. It’s the epic night out with the girls. All photos on IG are Hash tagged #TurnDownForWhat, #SippingWhileWeSpilling, #MyCliqueCoolerThanYours, #MovesLikeJagger. We are looking to get messed up so we are ordering by the bottle. Shot after Shot of Tennessee Honey as we take over the dance floor. The boys wishing they could, we wishing the boys would!!! Nothing gets me into the music like fine whisky, neat, and on the rocks.

After the Road trips, the busy days, the crazy nights out with the girls, there always has to be time for my little princess. So we put on Nickelodeon, pour popcorn and jelly beans into a bowl spread out on the couch and sip on some black currant Ribena. It may be too sweet for my taste buds, but it is too good for bonding with the little one. As I doze off, I think of the day, I will get her, her first real drink!!!

Featuring: Heineken, 2009 Marques De Casa Concha- Chardonnay, Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey & of Course Ribena- Bursting with Vitamin C!!!!


Do it because you want to, not because you have to
Do it because you want to, not because you have to

There comes a time our values get tested time and again and the simple question to see you through is, “How will I sleep at night?” After going through the system, school or otherwise and at the end of the tunnel the light is dimmer than at the beginning, wavering patience and an even diminished faith. How do you get by? When brain fails, beauty comes in handy, right? The end doesn’t justify the means, all we need is a better wardrobe and the glare from others of, “Wow doesn’t she look amazing!” only you know at what price you lost your soul.

Success is not sexually transmitted, as easily as you bow down to the offer so does a dozen more, as easily as you fulfill short term necessities so do you loose focus on the long term, and as easily as the offer comes so do they run out and more come through, at what point does it stop?

There is pride in working from the ground up, take the heats, enjoy the tiny victories, keep your head high, and when that offer comes, do it because you want to not because you think you need to, sex is awesome and should be enjoyed not leveraged against anyone. You wanna get your kinky side on; by all means buy the ropes and whips at your discretion not to be subject to anyone.

The value of hard/ smart work is honor and dignity, success is not sexually transmitted, it is earned!! But don’t take my word for it, am not about to cast demons out of anyone.