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From Strangers to Friends and back to Strangers

Somebody asked me if I knew you. A million memories flashed through my mind, but I just smiled and said,” I used to.” — Author Unknown

Friendship is expensive, no argument there. It takes effort, commitment, and genuine concern to see a stranger become a familiar face and a friend. That term, however, has been used too loosely in the current times, but the essence of a friendship is still interdependence and voluntary participation, if I may say.

True friendship can take different forms depending on the reasons why concerned parties are friends. But in all circumstances and instances some core factors hold true, there must be a desire to engage, mutual interest (likes, dislikes, experiences, hobbies etc.) and the undeniable need to belong and connect.

You could meet someone, and they can mean so much to you, true friends are the family we choose. So, when the cookie starts to crumble, what then…

Human beings are not static, people change, perceptions change, expectations change, and sadly life happens. When you get at a crossroads in a friendship that has been there through rainy nights, treacherous turbulence, calm Sunday mornings and epic adventures, trying to cling and hold on is a natural reaction. No one hopes to see a good thing end. No one dreams of gloomy days when a friend becomes a stranger or a gut-wrenching distant memory.

It is normal to try and retrace the steps, see where the mishap happened. Create a time frame and pray for an alternative route. But, sad as it is… Things run their course! When the admiration, respect, trust, and support leave the building, honey it is time to pack up as well.

We meet people every day, first impressions can leave lasting imprints and that thrill of making a worthy connection is something to thrive in. So, no matter the past friendships that left a sour taste in your mouth, you can meet someone today who could have the best of intentions for you. So, fret not my darling, people come, people go…take the lessons and remember to breathe.

In this sick cycle of life, a friend is a silver lining. Despite the punches and the kicks, do not lose your innate nature of being a genuine friend.

Hi, I am Maureen and I have lost people I never thought I’d live without and in the same breath I have met people I never thought our paths would ever cross. At the end of the day, it is true that You cannot make old friends- Zadie Smith, Swing Time


Turning 29 – 4 don’ts and a do!!

It is so easy to point out the things that didn’t go according to plan, even easier to beat oneself up about it. What is not easy is accepting and moving on.

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It’s not enough to say you want to see change, it’s not enough to cling to a fantasy and hope someday you will live to actualize it. You owe yourself more than hope with no actions, dreams with no plans, and definitely, you deserve to live to see yourself fulfill your highest potential.

So gear up, fold your sleeves and get on with your goals. Climb that mountain, make those friends, shed that weight, get that degree, get that job, it does not matter what sets your soul on fire, get up and get going.

Enough with the self-doubt and the never-ending self-questions. Dare to let it all go and find that which sets your soul a flame. There is a lot to uncover on the other side of doubt and fear of the known.

One foot in infront of the other, the steeper the better the view from the top.

Dream, plan, execute.

Do and live to tell the tale of how you conquered!



Don’t be fooled my dear, no two stories will be absolutely alike. Your journey may be similar to someone else’s but never will they be completely the same. 

Let no one take your joy or your triumph on the basis of what they have achieved or accomplished. Their experiences are theirs you can learn from them or choose to emulate them either way don’t look down  on yourself for the far you have come.

Material possessions aren’t the only measure of success, neither is family, success is what you as an individual strive to achieve. Could be quitting addiction, changing careers, starting a family, getting out of an abusive relationship etc. Whatever you deem success to be to you…..keep your eyes on the prize!!

No matter what, your best competitor is whom  you were yesterday, strive to be better.